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A parent’s question about softball pitchers masks

I had a parent ask me during a recent pitching lesson which brand of face mask he should get for his daughter.

It seemed like the best answer to give him (and share here on the blog) is the answer other pitchers have given us.

Six-of-eight pitchers we talked to said they prefer the Rip-It Continue Reading…

If your attitude stinks people will smell it

The game is over. Your child’s team has lost.

Losing isn’t fun, but that’s not the worst part. Continue Reading…

Who influences your student-athlete?

Who influences your student-athlete?

I, like most parents, like to think that I am the most influential person in my children’s life. While I agree with that thought for the most part, I see other influences as well.

It is not uncommon to spend Continue Reading…

Softball pitchers and face masks

We asked the question on Facebook this week: should softball pitchers wear a face mask in the circle? [post continued below]

Valley pitcher Caitlin Nealer fires to the plate against Freeport while wearing a new protective facemask ordered by the Pennsylvania school district. Gear was made available after a Valley pitcher was injured. Eric Felack/Valley News Dispatch.

Continue Reading…

The risks of playing softball, continued

Quotes from story by Stephanie Cary, San Gabriel Valley Tribune


“The most common injuries in baseball and softball are Continue Reading…

The risks of playing softball

Quotes from story by Stephanie Cary, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

“…despite the obvious benefits, competitive sports have innate risks. There are safety issues parents need to consider.”

Continue Reading…

Measuring your daughter’s improvement

So I posted a question on Facebook Monday, and got some good responses. My answer to the question—”How do you measure your daughter’s improvement in athletics from year-to-year?”—follows.

Because I have a background in coaching, I was a little more specific in measuring my daughter’s progress. We also did this with my sons.

We had six areas that we measured; they were: Continue Reading…

Motivation means nothing without this…

The more I coach the more I reflect on myself as a young athlete growing up playing football, and baseball.

I was an okay athlete with a strong desire to succeed. I worked in the off-season to improve my skills and it paid off at times.

But now as an adult I realize that as a child I lacked something Continue Reading…

What your daughter really wants

Softball is something I fell in love with when my daughter started playing the sport; she was 12-years old.

Since we both believed in practice we would spend countless hours working on improving her skills. Some of my fondest memories are when she started playing travel ball, but not for the reasons you might think. Continue Reading…

“5 Minutes with Coach Q”

In this week’s “5 Minutes with Coach Q” episode…

  • part two of a two-part discussion focused on the challenges of transitioning from junior high to high school athletics for player
  • Continue Reading…

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