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“5 Minutes with Coach Q”

In this week’s “5 Minutes with Coach Q” episode…

  • part one of a two-part discussion focused on the challenges of transitioning from junior high to high school athletics for players
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Introducing “5 Minutes with Coach Q” is pleased to introduce the latest feature of this blog, “5 Minutes with Coach Q”.

With multiple episodes planned for the future, each “5 Minutes…” is an audio conversation Continue Reading…

The challenges that multi-sport athletes face

The following is a response to a reader’s suggestion.

As a high school softball coach, I disliked sharing my athletes with other sports because it disrupted my practices/schedule for the team.

If you have a daughter that’s good at softball she’s probably good at others sports as well, and the Continue Reading…

Dealing with parent, and player conflict

The following is a response to a reader’s suggestion.

To date, I have coached boys and girls sports for 17-years, and in that time I have had my share of difficult parents and players.

One event that comes to mind involved one of my players, her parent, my assistant coach, and the principal of our school. The player’s complaint was Continue Reading…

The number one reason pitchers leave coaches

As a private-pitching coach, I work in a competitive area of southern California that has several pitching coaches to choose from.

While it’s not uncommon to get a pitcher that has been to several other instructors throughout the years one thing stands out to me.
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How to get your child to practice more

Pitching, like hitting, is an individual thing; typically the more (time) a player puts into practice the better she will become.

But practicing for the sake of practice is not the idea. Going out, and giving one’s best effort (with the goal of improving and stretching oneself) is the purpose of practice.

I often hear parents say, ‘My daughter Continue Reading…

Three truths to coaching

A team will never stretch itself beyond the expectations of its coach.

It was once said that Vince Lombardi, former football coach of the Green Bay Packers (1959–1967), was so good that he could beat you with his team the first half of a game, and then take the opposing team and beat you with them the second half.

Great coaches are great at getting their teams to believe in themselves.

By players having a strong belief in Continue Reading…

Four types of players

Let’s talk personalities. In its most simplistic form, I see four types of softball players—especially at the junior high and high school levels.

While there may be more player personality types, these are the few I’ve consistently encountered throughout my years of coaching.

1. Players that hope things happen Continue Reading…

Anyone can have mental toughness

We sometimes hear on TV, and the radio during a sports broadcast that a person is “mentally tough,” but what does that mean?

It’s a subjective term—it can mean different things to different people—so here is my take on being mentally tough. Continue Reading…

The challenge of the transition in sports

As another school year begins, student-athletes are entering junior high and high school classrooms for the first time; it seems appropriate to point out some of the differences that they will find in the months (and years) ahead.

Compared to elementary school, and even junior high, the transition into Continue Reading…

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