From the stands: playing vs. winning

Playing time vs. Winning the game

Which is more important: playing lesser-skilled players (and possibly losing), or playing more-skilled players (and possibly winning)?

Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Joann Rodarte:

    When my daughter first started it was all win, win, win. Now that she is in the 14′s I say, let the lesser girls get their share of game time in friendlies and play the better girls at tournaments. Or, mix the girls for they could learn to encourage one another and be patient.

  2. Bob C.:

    I think it is important to differentiate what is a “win” and what is a “loss” which often the silly score has nothing to do with anything. In the bigger picture of things, you can learn much more by losing than by winning and learning is always a win.

  3. Ana Hitzel:

    Everyone on a team should be ready and that happens by getting in the game. If a kid was not good enough to play for a team why were they picked up to begin with?

    Wins come when a TEAM gives its all. You can’t have a true team with the same kids sitting on the outside looking in. “Lesser skilled” players can become “more skilled” players when given playing time and feeling they are contributing to the team. Which BTW also creates an all pulling together mentality which leads to winning. JMO

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