The risks of playing softball, continued

Quotes from story by Stephanie Cary, San Gabriel Valley Tribune


“The most common injuries in baseball and softball are rotator cuff tendinitis and elbow tendinitis, the result of repetitive throwing, says Hallak.

“These injuries are seen more often in baseball because pitchers throw overhand, which is an unnatural range of motion, says Hallak, while softball pitchers throw underhand.

“Baseball and softball players also need to be taught proper sliding techniques, as well as how to round the bases without hurting their ankles, says Hallak.

“A key part to running the bases is to be sure players’ cleats are not worn down… Hallak says.”

Another thing to consider is field conditions; there are often divots or holes where athletes can twist their ankles.

Also, stepping on a wet base while running could cause the athlete to slip and potentially injure an ankle.

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