When is it okay to quit?

“When is it okay for my daughter to quit softball?”

My first reaction is…never!

But after I take a step back I realize that there are things in my life I’ve tried, and quit along the way.

For example, I don’t golf or bowl anymore. I bet if you thought about it you would think of things you’ve quit in your life as well.

Is your current job the only job you’ve ever had?

Does quitting make us bad people? I don’t think it does. So why do we have a problem when our children want to quit a sport?

Is it their dream, or our dream that they are quitting?

Understand I am not advocating quitting everything. Also understand that if our daughters are not allowed to try different things without changing their minds they may not try anything new (for fear of being stuck in something they don’t like).

Sports can be a great way for youth to learn life-skills like—finishing something even when it’s challenging, or becomes difficult.

So when is it okay for a child to quit softball?

As I see it there are several reasons your daughter may want to (and possibly should) quit softball: 1. It’s not genuinely fun anymore; 2. She’s playing with others that do not match her skill level; 3. There are issues with the coach, or other players; and 4. Her commitment to the sport interferes with other interests.

If, and when, our children want to quit a sport we should first investigate why. Then, help discover what can be learned from the situation before they just give up, and possibly repeat the cycle with something else.

But remember, quitting can be a good thing.

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