What would you ask Jennie Finch?

We’re excited to announce an upcoming interview with Jennie Finch!

Jennie will be in Ardmore, Oklahoma, for one of her softball camps next week; this will be her last camp before the birth of her second child next month.

We last interviewed her in Oklahoma City in July last year when she announced her retirement from Team USA.

The question most of us might want to ask is “What are you doing now that you’ve retired?” But there is probably more that you want to know.

So tell us… What would you ask Jennie Finch?

We’ll randomly pick some questions to ask her during next week’s interview, and give you credit! Her answers (and some surprises) will then be posted on our YouTube Channel.

Post your questions in the comments section below; include your name and state. Ready go!

To see our first WCFP interview with Jennie click here.

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  2. Karen Quiroz:

    While in school, high school/college, how did you balance your focus on softball and your studies? Also, while in high school, did you participate in other sports and when did you know that softball was what you wanted to be your main sport?

  3. Karen Quiroz:

    Also, what goes through your mind when you’re not getting the pitches called that you’d like?

  4. Karen Winder:

    Hi Mike,

    After discussing it with Becky, she has a couple of questions for Jenny Finch. Did she ever get nervous? and if she did, how did she get through it? How long did it take her to learn to throw a rise ball? What was the toughest game she ever pitched? At what age did she start pitching?

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