All-stars team: to play, or not to play?

All-stars – a team of the best athletes from a league, tournament, etc.

I recently had a softball parent ask me my thoughts on her child playing for an all-stars team; with her permission here they are…

Although her daughter (also one of our pitching students) has made progress she’s still not one of the top pitchers in her age group.

I explained to the parent that her child is not likely to see any playing time as a pitcher. The mother agreed and added that her daughter will probably play in the outfield.

Know that it is not uncommon for this to occur on any elite team.

All-star teams give student-athletes the chance to play with the best against the best. Positions aren’t given; they’re earned.

In addition to the extended season, competing among more advanced players can give a child extra time to improve.

Also, playing another position can give student-athletes a chance to experience other facets of the game. Know that most all-star teams usually play a more aggressive style of ‘ball, too.

So if your daughter is chosen for an all-stars team (even if it’s not for a position that she prefers) go for it, and tell her to have a great time!

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    I love this one Mike

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