West Coast Fastpitch is giving away one RIP-IT pitchers face mask complete with Blackout Defense Technology (est. valued — $54.99).

No purchase necessary; this contest ends Friday, May 27, at 5 p.m., PST. See below for more details on how to win.

Official guidelines: 1. Leave a comment below to enter to win the RIP-IT face mask—include your name and state; 2. One winner will be chosen using Random.org; and 3. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries. The winner will be notified via email.

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  1. Peter:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  2. Steve Hillman:

    Steve Hillman
    Glendora California

  3. Diana:

    No!!! Pick me!! Pick me!!! :) I used to think these were weird, but after seeing one in action and protecting a girl’s face, I’m a believer!!! :)

  4. Romel:

    This would be great for my fireballer girl. She will need it when she plays against very good hitters.

    Romel from Maryland

  5. Jon Workman:

    I would like to win this so I can give it to a pitcher on my team whose family is strapped for cash in these hard economic times.

    Sincerely yours,
    Jon Workman

  6. Katherine Castro:

    My Daughter tried the worth facemask, after a short while the chin guard foam padding peeled of. She never put it on again. She faces tougher competition each year and I would love for her to be protected once again.

  7. Ana Hitzel:

    I’m all for free. Kellen needs a new mask!

  8. Jeff:

    Protecting the prettiest face in softball is my goal

  9. Cindy Diaz:

    Been looking into buying a rip it mask! Heard they were the best. So please pick me!!

  10. Meagan B:

    Definitely don’t pick Peter…pick me!!

  11. Rod Benjamin:

    need a mask- don’t want to have my pitcher looking any uglier than she already is

  12. larry hyland:

    awesome deal!!! been looking into getting one…

  13. larry hyland:

    dont them they dont really want it pick me….

  14. Dana Pica:

    I could wear this around the house!

  15. Charlotte F:

    These masks are great!

    Charlotte from CA

  16. Teresa Bush:

    Great, I hope I am lucky enough to get it! The mask looks pretty good…

  17. Bryan Stancil:

    Oh please pick ME!!!

  18. Dan Delgado:

    Dan Delgado
    Glendora, CA

  19. larry hyland:

    have you picked yet…….c’mon dont pick them PICK ME!!!!

  20. larry hyland:


  21. Audra Stancil:

    Temecula CA

  22. Jerry Kirkpatrick:

    Great masks!

    Jerry Kirkpatrick
    Upland, CA

  23. Patrice Johnson:

    PLEASE pick me!!!!

    Patrice Johnson
    Corona, CA

  24. Pat Rasmussen:

    please pick me

    Pat Rasmussen
    Blaze Fastpitch
    Riverside, Ca

  25. David:

    I have have kids playing so pick me

  26. Karen Winder:

    Ok, I’m in! We don’t need a new one, but if I win, I will give it to Jon Workman for his pitcher.

  27. Abe Froman:

    I really hope I win this lovely mask!

  28. Kristina:

    My daughter is an 8u pitcher and has to move up to 10u. I was considering buying a face mask for her. I hope we win one… :0)

  29. Kristina:

    Kristina Calderon
    Riverside California

  30. Maribeth:

    Count us in

  31. Taylor Tetone:

    I’ll be waiting for the winning email!!!! Thx

  32. David Christensen:

    Drew Christensen – here’s your winner. No need to continue any further! ;-)

  33. Michael Pederson:

    My daughter could certainly use one. The Worth chin pad fell out of her existing one.

  34. Michael Pederson:

    My daughter could certainly use one. Her existing Worth facemask had the chin pad fall out.

  35. coachmikeq:

    Great comments, I love the humor

  36. Samantha:

    Pick me! I am 11 yrs and i want to try it but my dad won’t buy me one.

  37. Blake Woken:

    I need one to protect myself from all that crazy movement Coach Mike is teaching my kid to throw! WOW! Please help! OUCH!

  38. Dana P.:

    This would be great for my daughters grille!

  39. Tony:

    I need this while coaching on my bucket!

  40. Sydney Rasmussen:

    Trying to get to UCLA

  41. Ron Bush:

    Glendora, California

  42. Michael Pederson:

    Is #37 the magic number?

  43. Colleen Stanich:

    My daughter is the only pitcher on her 14U wearing a mask….it’s a Worth mask but anything to protect their life is important….thanks for spreading the word about safety for the softball world. Would love to try Rip It!!

  44. JerryT:

    Even if you dont win and you dont already have this mask, buy it. It will save your child serious injury and make them more comfortable on the field.

  45. Mitzy Moreno:


  46. Jennifer Centeno:

    Please pick me so Noelle can go to her prom with all her teeth..Hehehe!!!

  47. Dave:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. coachmikeq:

    Jerry, please, email us. We’re having trouble reaching you.


  49. RIP-IT pitchers face mask winner «:

    [...] dad entered the contest on the blog last month and won. [...]

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