“Rec Ball” vs. “Travel Ball” – part two

The following is the continuation, and conclusion of a two-part series.

Should my daughter play rec ball, or travel ball?

There are several differences between “rec ball” (short for recreational ball) and travel ball, and let me say that I do not have an affinity towards either one.

They both have their place, and serve the softball community well.

Read more about rec ball here.

Travel softball

Travel ball is similar in terms of competition to the all-star teams of the rec ball leagues. However, most travel ball girls try out for the teams that are looking for players in specific positions.

Instead of drawing from the local community, travel ball teams draw their players from as far away as 60-to-90 miles.

By having a larger pool to draw from, and players chosen specific to overall needs, travel ball usually consists of higher caliber squads.

Travel ball teams…travel

Travel ball players also play more games per week than rec ball players. Travel ball teams can see as many as six-to-seven contests per weekend; by comparison, rec ball teams often see two-to-three games per week.

Note: playing time is not guaranteed at the travel ball level. Instead, time on the field is totally performance-based (the better the player, the more she plays).

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