Does traveling to play mean…?

The question has been asked, “Does traveling to play softball mean you’re a better team?”

The short answer: yes and no. Now for the long answer…

As the rec ball all-star season continues, travel ball teams are preparing for state and national tournaments and LOTS of travel.

Know that putting a team together to go all over the country can be alluring—and expensive.

Plus, the cost of having a team that travels can also put a burden on parents, players, and coaches who are just getting to know each other.

My suggestion is don’t rush into traveling somewhere if you are a newly organized team.

Stay local and play lots of friendlies. Get to know each other (that goes for parents and players) before you’re stuck¬†sharing a hotel room for a week after¬†being eliminated from a tournament in the first two days.

Most new teams are going to take their lumps on the field; that’s okay. Remember, it takes time to build up the cohesiveness needed to win big tournaments.

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  1. Ana Hitzel:

    Hi Mike, the blog looks great! As the for the topic good advice. Having done this with two girls for the last several years, we have found that travel ball becomes a family sport literally. Your whole family is involved in the expense and time at the fields for lessons, practices, friendlys and tournaments. You also spend a lot of time with people you never knew who become friends and family in a sense because you travel and play together all the time. Sometimes it seems I spend more time with team parents more than my husband LOL! Chemistry between parents and chemistry between players is equally important because they should all pull together to support and make one team. Always food for thought when deciding which team your daughter will play with.

  2. coachmikeq:

    Thanks for the input, Ana

  3. Richard:

    Coach Mike the new blog looks great, Thanks for this info on travel ball, we looking for my daughter for a travel team to broaden her…

    Richard from Louisiana

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