Jennie Finch autographed t-shirt giveaway

Long before she was an Olympian, during her sophomore year in college, I met Jennie Finch’s dad, Doug Finch.

I was purchasing one of my five “Finch Windmills”, and at that time didn’t know who Jennie was or anything about her.

So you can imagine when Doug told me his daughter was going to be in the next Olympics, I thought ‘how nice to have big dreams for your child’. He said it with such confidence, though, it stuck in my mind.

I, along with the rest of the world, would soon know about Jennie Finch.

Then, when I started giving pitching lessons, Doug took the time to give me his excellent advice. He even allowed me to watch him give lessons to some of his students.

Several years later Jennie is still making headlines; this time for a different reason. She announced her retirement from USA Softball, yesterday. Watch the video interview.

It’s possible to say that, whether you’re a player or the parent-of-a-player, the sport of softball has been influenced by Jennie Finch.

Which explains why we’re doing two things:

1. Two autographed Jennie Finch t-shirts will be given away in a random drawing on this blog Friday, July 23, at noon (PST).

2. To win one of these shirts, leave a comment below that includes your name, and finishes the statement, “Jennie Finch has shown me…”

Your comments will be collected, and sent to Doug and Jennie.

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  1. Mike Quiroz:

    I’ll go first (even though I’m not eligible to win).

    Mike Quiroz

    Jennie Finch has shown me how to be a positive role model.

    Thank you for being an amazing role model for the sport of softball, all the little girls, and the parents who dream big for them.

  2. Terry Paredez:

    Hello Mike,

    Well, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Jennie Finch, but like most of the softball world I’ve seen her play over the years at the highest level. I’ve coached players on my college team that have attended La Mirada High school and they have been motivated by Jennie’s accomplishments at La Mirada and the softball world. After watching her retirement video (compliments of Jennie Finch has shown me how to keep your priorities in order. Her competitiveness on the field is still of the highest degree and yet she walks away from the field (not the game) with so much left to offer. Priorities! Her family comes first. As a coach, Father and Father-Daughter coach, I have had to make so many sacrifices over the 15 years I’ve coached, but so has my children. The quality stuff like vacations, birthday parties, or a simple bar-b-q with family are all pushed aside so that we might have an opportunity to enjoy all the great things the sport of fastpitch has to offer and believe me I have no regrets but I can completely understand the tough decision Jennie had to make. I believe ever player or coach faces the same decision ever season, regardless of their love for the game. As is usually the case, the love of the game continues to rule our hearts to continue with the game. Realizing how tough this might have been, I truly admire Jennie Finch even more, not just for what she’s done for the game and all the young ladies playing fastpitch today but for her ability to always focus on the big prize. Family! Congratulations Jennie on a great softball career. Going out a winner!

    God Bless,
    Terry Paredez

  3. Karen Quiroz:

    Hi Michael,
    Jennie has given us all so much! Her focus, her dedication, her determination have all been so inspirational to all sports advocates and even those not interested in sports, who just have goals trying to be met. Thank you for being a great role model and best wishes in all you do Jennie!!! :)

  4. Kallie McMahan:

    Jennie Finch has shown me how to not give up on what you believe in, if you push yourself to what you believe in you will get there one day..

  5. Kendall Woken:

    Hi Coach Mike:
    I’m sad that Jennie Finch will no longer be playing softball. I am very lucky to have seen her pitch on the Olympic team tour and to have had the chance to meet her. She is such a nice person too! Many kids and adults were bothering her for an autograph and she made time for all of them, with a smile. The best part is, when I saw her getting on the team bus later, she stopped and said hello to me and thanked me for coming out to watch. Jennie Finch has taught me that you can be a super star and still be a super person. I will miss watching her play.Thanks Jennie for some great memories and being a great inspiration.
    Kendall Woken

  6. Bianca Cockrell:

    Jennie Finch has shown me the best example of how to be a dedicated player. She demonstrates not only incredible skill and talent, but an amazing love for the game. She inspires me to try and work harder, in hopes of attempting even a little of her success.

  7. Mike Quiroz:

    Thanks for taking the time to respond! We’ll forward your comments to Jennie to show her our appreciation for her career.

  8. Giavanna Cockrell:

    I am 9 years old and play softball. Jennie Finch has shown me how to follow my dreams and is a huge inspiration for me. I thought she pitched great at the MLB Celebrity Softball Game. :) And she is doing great at the World Cup Game I am watching right now! Go Jennie!

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  10. Michael Ray:

    I have been a fan of girls/womens Softball for several years now. My daughter is playing in a 12 & U division and 1st yr of Jr. high softball right now. Every since she started playing I have coached her and although it has it’s tough times(with girls that age) I have really enjoyed it. I have shown her videos and different clips of Jennie and have tried to show and explain the determination and the professionalism she displays while out on the field. Jennie has been a great role model for the young ladies in this sport and will definetly be missed!

  11. Lizzie Rodarte:

    I have been playing softball since t-ball. This is my second year in travel ball 12U. My parents and uncle are my big supporters. Family is very important to me and I see that it’s important to Jennie Finch. Jennie has influenced me by keeping her cool on the mound. Not only is she a great pitcher, she has a strong bat. I only wish some day to meet Jennie. God bless her and her family. Thanks for being such a good example for the game!
    - Lizzie Rodarte

  12. Brooke Jones:

    I have been playing travel fastpitch for about 5 years now and i’m going into my second year of 14u. Jennie Finch has always been one of my biggest influences as a first baseman and as a batter. She is so good at staying calm on the mound, at first base, and up to bat and i will always try to do the same. I have been blessed enough to see the 2008 Olympic team play in Akron, Ohio and i was upset when the did not have Jennie Finch starting in the mound, but i was happy to be able to see her in warm-ups. Jennie Finch has shown me that no matter how big your dreams are, you can achieve them with hard work and detication and that when you keep your cool you can always come out on top in a rough situation. I will always try to model myself after Jennie Finch. God bless to her and her family and thanks for being one of the best players the game has ever seen.

  13. coachmikeq:

    Thanks for all the wonderful and positive stories. I think sometimes (because of the demand on them) professional athletes are not aware of how much a simple smile, or kind words of encouragement can impact our young athletes in such a positive way for a life time. How nice to hear that Jennie is aware of that and lives by it.

  14. COACH D:

    Jenny Finch has shown us how to be good role models as well as what a work ethic where get you! Go USA!

  15. Katherine Matthys:

    Even though this is not going to be entered in the contest, I would like to comment that Jennie has inspired me to try my hardest and don’t give up. She is proof that you can be a celebrity without being a snob. Even though I never had a chance to meet her or go to her games, I have watched on TV and seen enough to know that she has an extremely kind heart!!!! And Ace is so cute!!!!

  16. shalyn bagley:

    hey jennie i am so sad you will not be playing softball no more and i am doing a project on you at school and this would really help


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