Dealing with change

Two weeks ago today, Jennie Finch announced her retirement from the sport of softball as a player. Her decision affected not only her family, but the lives of fans as well. Change happened.

As I reflect it was not that long ago that I sat in the stands cheering on my sons, and daughter in all the different sports they played.

It was my daughter playing softball that actually brought me into this sport. I was a basketball coach; over time I fell in love with the game (more on that some other time).

I remember my wife and I felt like taxi-drivers taking our children all over town to their sporting events. We would even take turns driving to the travel ball tournaments all over the state.

Then, it came to an abrupt halt when our kids graduated high school. The boys went into other things, and my daughter went out-of-state to play for a Division I college. Change happened.

In fact, I missed the involvement so much that I continued as a coach.

It’s understood that everyone can’t go into coaching, so how does a parent deal with this type of change?

Here are two steps to dealing with change:

1. Understand it’s coming. After my children stopped playing there was a void (that I filled with coaching). Have something you can do to make use of the time you once put into your child’s sports career.

2. Understand you have little influence on the change. Change is going to happen if you want it to, or not. You really have little effect on the change that is going to happen.

Student-athletes quit sports, and graduate from schools, to the dismay of their parents (who aren’t ready for the change) almost every day. As hard as it is to swallow, change happens.

How do you deal with change?

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