Conditioning your mind through your body

Softball players—practice.

Softball players do a lot of exercising in the beginning of a season, especially running.

The obvious reason is to get the body prepared for upcoming games. The not-so-obvious reason though is the conditioning of the mind of the player.

Sports challenge student-athletes on several levels; one being game situation stress.

One of the first responses your daughter might have regarding stress being placed upon her is to alleviate it by any means possible.

Failure is one of the quickest ways to alleviate this stress, but it’s not the best way. If your child is at-bat, and strikes out, the stress is gone. Instead, it’s replaced with failure, and disappointment.

This is why most players perform in practice better than in a game.

By pushing the body it conditions the mind to not quit when something gets tough. A player who has gone through weeks of conditioning won’t be as ready to quit when things don’t go her way.

Conditioning the mind through working out the body also lets everyone know who is in charge.

A well-conditioned team is usually a team of players with respect for each other and the coaches.

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