The 5 characteristics of a successful team – Coach’s Edition

This is part-one of a two-part series focused on the characteristics of a successful softball team.

Today’s post looks at the five aspects of a successful squad from a coach’s perspective; Thursday’s post will look at the five aspects of success from a parent’s perspective.

Five characteristics of a successful team

First, we must define “success.”

Is a team that wins the only characteristic of a successful group of players? What about a team that develops players that go on to play at the collegiate level, does that qualify as successful?

How about the team that wins, but the players are unhappy? Understand, “success” is defined differently in different stages of a player’s career.

As a coach, to me a successful team is:

1. A team with players that care enough about the game—and each other—to strive to be their best, and do all they can to create an environment to help make others their best.

2. A team with players who respect each other enough to keep it “drama” free.

3.  A team that is excited, and having fun (which makes coaching fun).

4. A team that has players who are willing to take leadership roles. One of the funnest teams I ever coached was a junior varsity team that had mostly 9th, and 10th graders.

There was one 11th grader who turned out to be a good player, but an even more incredible leader. She took care of everything. If there was an issue she would have a team meeting, and solve it.

5. Student-athletes with a commitment, and discipline—to the team. Players who are not responsible enough to show up for practice, or are always late, wears on the morale of coaches and players. It also makes it harder for the team to reach its goals—together.

Refer back to this blog on Thursday for part-two of this series.

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