Four reasons your daughter won’t listen to you

Here are four reasons your daughter won’t listen to you (when it comes to softball):

1. You’re her parent, first.

By being the parent, your child is emotionally attached to you and the words you say. When a parent makes a comment it is viewed as criticism. A coach says the same thing, and it is viewed as instruction. I have also noticed that parents are usually more patient with other peoples children compared to their own. This was something I had to work on when my children were growing up.

2. Will the real expert please take my cash? When you pay someone to coach your child it sends a message.

A parent paying for lessons sends a strong message to their child that that person’s time, and teaching is valuable. Another less noticed item is setting the appointment. Usually the parent asks the coach for any available time; this also creates value, and places importance on the coach.

3. Taking your child to a “professional” means you’re not it.

You take your child to a pitching coach to help improve her pitching. If you knew what to do, or if she would let you help her, you could do it yourself. Most pitching coaches have between 25-to-45 lessons a week. That is over 100 lessons, per month; a thousand lessons in a year’s time.

Even if you were bad in the beginning, after a thousand times you would most likely be better than someone doing something for the first time. Many pitching coaches start coaching as the result of their daughter being taught by someone else.

4. You’re ego is getting in the way.

Sometimes the parent is too emotionally attached to the situation. They might feel their child’s performance is a reflection on them, or their coaching. Further, disappointing a parent is a big burden for a child to carry. Sometimes it’s easier for the child to rebel in a situation than to take it head on. Every year we see talented athletes leave the sport because of an over-demanding parent.

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One Response to “Four reasons your daughter won’t listen to you”

  1. Bob ONeill June 17, 2010 at 10:04 pm #

    No words are truer than what I just read,and not to toot Mikes horn but he knows exactly how to deal with my daughter to get the best lesson out of her.Thanks to his ability to extract the best from her,she took home the Tartan award for Glendoras jv softball team.The award was given to her for stepping in when called upon and pitching some incredible games..and most of it was thanks to Mike Quiroz! Hes an amazing coach and you just sense hes just a great all around guy.Thanks Mike-Bob ONeill.

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