The 5 characteristics of a successful team – Parent’s Edition

This is part-two of a two-part series focused on the characteristics of a successful softball team.

Today’s post looks at the five aspects of a successful squad from a parent’s perspective; Tuesday’s post looked at the five aspects of success from a coach’s perspective.

Five characteristics of a successful team

As a parent, to me a successful team is:

1. A team where my daughter is having fun.

2. A team were she is learning, improving, and yes—playing. You can’t get better sitting on “the bench”.

3. A team where my daughter is treated like a person. Coaching has become synonymous with yelling, and belittling student-athletes.

I have done my fair share of getting after players as a coach, but it was after hours of instruction. I don’t agree with yelling at players that haven’t been taught (something a coach takes for granted).

4. A team that might not be winning all the time, but at least has a chance to be in the hunt for a championship game.

5. A team with a coach that is a person of their word (honest).

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