How parents can be assistant-coaches

As previously stated, when you coach kids you coach their parents.

Some coaches don’t like to get a player’s parents involved in the teaching of the athlete for a couple of reasons.

But I want to focus on how parents can be good assistant-coaches.

In my opinion, being an assistant-coach means that the parent (or any family member) is actively learning the skill sets that I am using with my student (their daughter).

The parent then takes those learned skills, and reinforces the learning process during a pitching practice with their child. In essence it’s like having another pitching lesson.

I often hear parents hesitation in instructing their child for fear of giving them the wrong instruction. This does happen from time-to-time, but it can be corrected in the future and everyone moves on.

Remember, learning how to pitch is a process and less is more (the process is faster in the long run by going slower in the beginning).

Parents tend to see several things that need correcting, and will give multiple instructions; this can be confusing to the player.

It is my advice to parents that the less we verbalize—and the more we show, and have the student experience through movement—the easier it is for the student to grasp.

So here are five tips for parents to become good assistant-coaches:

1. Get involved in the lesson,

2. Ask questions if you are not sure about something,

3. Practice with your child, and apply what they have learned,

4. Encourage your daughter to express her experience (what she learned, doesn’t understand, etc.), and

5. Give the coach feedback about your child’s practice lesson.

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  1. Karen Winder August 26, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

    Thanks Mike! Love reading your blog!


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