Three truths to coaching

A team will never stretch itself beyond the expectations of its coach.

It was once said that Vince Lombardi, former football coach of the Green Bay Packers (1959–1967), was so good that he could beat you with his team the first half of a game, and then take the opposing team and beat you with them the second half.

Great coaches are great at getting their teams to believe in themselves.

By players having a strong belief in their own success, they will be willing to commit more of themselves to the coach and their teammates.

This commitment leads to a higher level of skill development, and conditioning. The better a player is mentally, physically, and emotionally, the better the environment for team success.

Don’t coach on what you have, coach on what the team can be.

Coaches should always teach their teams to work hard for today, and dream of what they can become through that hard work.

Coaches rarely talk about what they lack without explaining their plan for greatness and a brighter tomorrow. Things can be great tomorrow if coaches and players pull together and work hard, today.

Everyone must pay full price today to prepare for greatness tomorrow.

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