The key to keeping your child in the game

Talented student-athletes leave the sport of softball every year.

But why?

My observation is the enjoyment of the game is being replaced by the pressure to be the absolute best at a younger, and younger age.

The intent of playing youth sports was never to obtain a scholarship later in life. The purpose of youth sports is to have fun, learn life skills, and have fun. Team-building, bonding with friends, and oh yes…have more fun!

I know being competitive is part of the game, but sometimes parents get carried away and lose sight of the real intent of youth sports.

If the parents enjoy the moment the players do, too. Over the years I have had to learn to enjoy the moment. When I started giving pitching lessons, actually coaching in general, I was impatient with myself and the players I coached.

I was too fixated on the end result, and didn’t understand that it is the process that leads to the end result. The process is part of the journey, and you and your daughter are going to be on that journey together for years when it comes to pitching.

Pitching—and learning pitching—is a long-term process; it’s not two lessons, and you’re done. Keep it fun.
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