When is it okay to quit?

“When is it okay for my daughter to quit softball?”

My first reaction is…never!

But after I take a step back I realize that there are things in my life I’ve tried, and quit along the way.

For example, I don’t golf or bowl anymore. I bet if you thought about it you would think of things you’ve quit in your life as well.

Is your current job the only job you’ve ever had? Continue Reading…

Dealing with frustration

During some recent private pitching lessons I noticed an unusually high level of frustration among some of the students.

First, let me say that I think frustration is misunderstood. It’s true it is uncomfortable, and people usually avoid it if possible.

I try to push student-athletes to the edge of frustration though, and when they appear to have had enough then we change directions. To me, frustration (in a learning environment) can be the path from not-understanding to understanding.

Unfortunately, parents and players try to avoid those feelings, and that can Continue Reading…

The key to keeping your child in the game

Talented student-athletes leave the sport of softball every year.

But why?

My observation is the enjoyment of the game is being replaced by the pressure to be the absolute best at a younger, and younger age.

The intent of playing youth sports was never to obtain a scholarship later in life. The purpose of youth sports is to have fun, learn life skills, and have fun. Team-building, bonding with friends, and oh yes… Continue Reading…

How to sabotage your player’s progress

1. Don’t take time for practice

“We’ve been so busy this week…”  There’s no denying it takes a huge commitment from the entire family when your daughter’s a softball pitcher. It’s almost like doing two sports; the extra time needed for lessons, and pitching practice leaves little room for other activities.

Without a doubt, the pitchers who succeed at a higher level practice—practice—practice. The ordinary pitcher can Continue Reading…

Four reasons your daughter won’t listen to you

Here are four reasons your daughter won’t listen to you (when it comes to softball):

1. You’re her parent, first.

By being the parent, your child is emotionally attached to you and the words you say. When a parent makes a comment it is viewed as criticism. A coach says the same thing, and it is viewed as instruction. I have also noticed that parents are usually more patient with other peoples children compared to their own. This was something I had to work on when my children were growing up.

2. Will the real expert please take my cash? When you pay someone to coach your child it sends a message. Continue Reading…

Connecting with vs. coaching your child

What it means to connect…

One of the things coaching hundreds of young ladies (and their parents) has given me is a unique perspective on the parent-to-daughter relationship.

Some parents get it right in my opinion, and yet the vast majority fall short of their own intentions.

By no means am I an expert on relationships, but I do have a daughter and we have gone through what most of my students and parents are (or will soon be) going through. Continue Reading…

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